10 Dangerous Signs That Your Partner Is Losing Interest In You. #8 Is Crucial

Any relationship faces difficulties and rough patches occasionally. However, proper care helps manage it smoothly, so that relationships won’t finish because of lack of interest.

One of the main reasons people end up with break ups is unhealthy habits that people have in their personal life treatment, so the partners can become bored with you and lose the interest. But how to detect that?

Here are the true signs!

1. If your partner spends less time with you, as usual, it is clear that the interest in you is low. Thinking about the causes is important.

2. Escaping conversations and chatting. When usual conversations are avoided just not to interact with the partner is a clear sign.

3. Avoiding cuddles. If the partner is escaping even accidental physical contact, like a touch of a hand it means that there is attachment avoidance.

4. Sudden nit-picking of every tiny fault.


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