12 Signs You Should Still Fight To Save Your Broken Relationship

1. Your instincts are telling you that even though you have so many other options, you don’t want to be entertaining any of them. Yes, there are so many other fish in the sea; but that doesn’t matter much to you. You want this particular fish; and you want to fight to make sure that you get to keep this fish in your life no matter how hard or difficult it might be to do so.

2. Whenever your thoughts turn to the idea of your partner actually being with someone else, you feel your insides start to dissolve into acid. You hate it. You get sick and you just want to erase that thought from your mind. You are incredibly possessive of your partner and you want to make sure that you are their only significant other – that no one else should ever come close.

4. When you are trying to envision a future for yourself, you just can’t manage to do so without thinking of your partner being there with you as well. It’s as if you’re virtually incapable of having a future without this person next to you. You don’t want a future wherein you are forced to face the world alone or with another partner. You want the person that you’re already with.


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