12 Signs You Should Still Fight To Save Your Broken Relationship

5. When it comes to wasting time; you never use the word “waste” when you’re with this person. The two of you could just be lounging around the house in your pajamas all day and you would still be able to consider it a productive day. You always LOVE spending time with this person even when you aren’t really doing the most amazing things. Even when you’re fighting, you don’t really mind; so as long as you both are still in each other’s lives.

6. You have a broken relationship that has seen its fair share of battles. And you have had some pretty epic fights. But even though things have gotten really intense between the two of you, neither of you have ever really gone overboard. You still make it a point to always stay conscious of what you’re saying. You always make it a point to watch your words because even though you’re angry, you still ultimately care about the person that you’re fighting with.

7. You adore the familiarity that comes with being with your partner. Even something as simple as having their natural scent and fragrance around all of the time has become very comforting for you. You are able to find peace, safety, and sanctuary in this person even when your relationship has been particularly less than ideal lately.

8. You hate each other at the moment. You are really angry at one another. And there might be even times wherein you just want to rip each other’s heads off. But even when you’re both at your angriest, you still always stay cool enough to maintain your respect for one another. You know that your respect for each other is always going to endure; that it is always going to be uncompromisingly strong.


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